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It is the aim of the school to create a happy and successful school in which all students are able to learn and develop to their full potential. They can therefore expect to be valued and respected as individuals, to be treated with fairness and understanding and praised for effort. We welcome and encourage the involvement of the parents and the members of the community to enrich and improve education for all.

Students must be prepared to follow a Behaviour Charter, which is based on the principal that all students and adults should be treated equally.

"The excellent care and guidance that the school provides corresponds fully with the school motto, “Dyro dy law i mi ac fe awn i ben y mynydd” (Place your hand in mine and together we will go to the mountain top)." ESTYN 2019



  • Always speak politely to staff, pupils and visitors
  • Remember to open and hold doors and be helpful to others

In Assembly

  • Leave your bags and coats in the classroom
  • Walk quietly and in line to the hall
  • Sit in your form group
  • Listen carefully without talking to the message of the Assembly
  • Leave the hall quietly and in line

In the classroom

  • You are expected to speak Welsh in all lessons except in English and Modern Languages
  • If a visitor/teacher comes into the classroom, stand up quietly

Break and Lunch time

  • Stand quietly outside the refectory
  • It is your responsibility to clear away your tray and to make sure the table is clean
  • Place any rubbish in the bins provided
  • No food or drink is allowed to be taken out of the refectory

Wet weather

  • You should use the classrooms during break and lunch times
  • Respect the environment and put all rubbish in the bins


  • Bullying is not acceptable behaviour in Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg
  • Tell a friend or teacher straight away
  • You may send a text message to our special number if you have concerns regarding bullying. The number is displayed throughout the school.