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“Put your hand in mine and we will go to the mountain top”
By co-operating and trusting in each other we aim to ensure that each pupil reaches the summit of their ability and talents. We shall do so by offering opportunity, support and guidance within a positive, safe and civilized society.

Pupils at YGBM are encouraged to uphold the high academic and behavioural standards that our school maintains.  Supported by passionate and brilliant teachers, we believe it is vital for pupils to feel challenged, inspired and secure for their education to be the most effective.  There is a distinct family feel as pupils are nurtured and provided with opportunities to help those younger than them in the school through various clubs and programmes.  We also aim to prepare pupils for exams and life beyond GCSEs as diligent and compassionate individuals; ready to make their mark in the world.

What is your child being taught?

The National Curriculum is designed to provide a firm foundation in language, mathematics and science, and to provide children between the ages of 5 and 16 with the opportunity to achieve their best within a broad and balanced curriculum.

Your child will follow the National Curriculum through four Key Stages of his or her compulsory school life. These are:

  • Foundation Phase from 5 to 7 years;
  • Key Stage 2 from 7 to 11 years;
  • Key Stage 3 from 11 to 14 years;
  • Key Stage 4 which takes pupils to the age of 16.

Having completed Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 in Primary School, pupils join us in YGBM Secondary School.

Key Stage 3: Years 7-9

During the first few years of secondary school we believe it is imperative to consolidate and increase academic understanding and knowledge. We follow the new Curriculum for Wales and have been recognised as a leading school due to our pioneering projects. Additionally we aim to provide a wealth of experiences for our pupils and encourage them to join a whole range of clubs, activities and events that will expand their skills.

Year 7 pupils are arranged in mixed ability from groups in which they are initially taught for all subjects. We will band classes for Mathematics later in the year.

The National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 is made up of the following subjects:
  • Welsh
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Art
  • Design and Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Physical Education
  • History
  • Geography
  • Food and Nutrition
  • French - Spanish is taught in Year 9
  • Religion, values and ethics

In Year 8 all core subjects - Mathematics, Science, Welsh and English - are set according to ability.

In Year 9 Modern Foreign Languages, French together with the introduction of Spanish, will also be set according to ability.

Technology and Physical Education also have different teaching groups to normal teaching classes but these are not formed according to ability.

Key Stage 4: Years 10-11

We recognise that these are crucial years for our pupils and aim to prepare our pupils for the exams to come and life after Year 11. At YGBM we aim to make every pupil an independent, resourceful and diligent student.  Lessons are facilitated by enthusiastic and tireless members of staff who inspire, challenge and encourage our pupils to reach their highest attainment.  Pupils are thoroughly prepared for exams and are given personal interviews to help guide them towards the correct path in the future.  Above all, we aim to shape our pupils into thoughtful, successful and dynamic individuals who will use their knowledge to strive for greatness.

At Key Stage 4 the National Curriculum comprises of 5 statutory subjects:
  • English
  • Welsh
  • Mathematics
  • Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Physical Education

Children must also study Religion, value and ethics (according to the syllabus laid down by the local authority) and all schools are required to provide some personal and social, work related, careers and sex education.

This allows pupils to choose additional subjects and courses for GCSE or vocational qualifications.


Art and Design Design and Technology Drama
Geography History Religious Studies
Information Technology French Spanish
Music Physical Education Business Studies
Computer Science Tourism Hair and Beauty
Health and Social Care Hospitality and Catering Outdoor Learning


Welsh Baccalaureate

Constructing the Built Environment

  Work Related Education