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Regular attendance at school is vitally important. As absenteeism hinders the pupil’s progress, the school is eager to ensure a high rate of attendance.

In the interests of your child’s safety and welfare, parents are asked to contact the school before 10am if their child is absent.

The absence of pupils is categorised as follows:

Absence with permission

The school permits pupils to be absent for:

  • Medical/dental appointments
  • Family bereavements
  • Interviews
  • Religious festival days

Absence without permission

The school does not, as a rule, permit absence for the following reasons:

  • Looking after brothers/sisters
  • Looking after the house
  • Shopping
  • Private visits during school hours
  • Arriving late without a valid reason

Absence Slip

When your child returns to school he/ she should give his/her personal tutor an absence slip from the diary signed by you giving the reason for the absence. If a pupil leaves the school site we ask them to register in and out at reception. We do not allow pupils to leave the school site unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

Absence Slip in Pupil's Diary


Holiday leave

We ask parents to arrange family holidays to coincide with the school holidays. Permission to arrange holidays during the academic term must be discussed with the relevant head of year. We hope you will consider the possible effect of missing school on your child’s education, and that absence for holidays will be kept to a minimum if at all.

Example of Holiday Leave Application