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The following will be useful for your child’s school career:

  • Ruler, protractor, pencil, rubber and compass
  • A selection of coloured pencil
  • A pencil sharpener
  • Calculator
  • Welsh dictionary: Pocket Modern Welsh Dictionary
  • English dictionary and Thesaurus
  • French dictionary
  • The use of felt pens and liquid corrector (e.g. Tippex) are prohibited in school

Personal property

All property brought to school must be marked clearly with the owner’s name. The school can take no responsibility for such property. Students are asked not to bring valuable items such as radios/personal stereos and i-pods to school. Mobile phones are not encouraged, but we understand that some students may want them as a safety measure on the way to and from school. Therefore, if brought in, they should be switched off and kept in a bag. If a mobile phone is seen in school, the pupil will be warned and if the pupil is seen to be using the phone then the teacher will confiscate the phone and the parents will be expected to fetch the phone from the Reception at the end of the day. Pupils are not allowed to bring personal audio equipment such as i-pods or MP3 players to school.


All year 7 pupils are offered the opportunity of leasing a locker for the year. A deposit of £10.00 will be required at the start of September and will be returned in exchange for the key in July.