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Personal Attributes

Since we place considerable emphasis on the development of the whole pupil, we also report back on the personal attributes of your child as we them at school.  Each teacher will enter a grade for a range of attributes as follows:

Attainment - KS3 Level (years 7-9), GCSE Grade (years 10-11), AS or A level Grade (years 12-13).



A dependable, conscientious and fully committed student. The pupil always meets the deadlines and is always organised. They are independent, progressive and consistently go the extra mile.


The pupil is generally positive and participates in lessons. they meet deadlines and are reliable and motivated.


The pupil contributes on occasion but tends to be too passive. They sometimes do the bare minimum to complete the task and work is submitted late at times. There can also be a lack or organisation in hte pupil's work.


The pupil often shows a lack of motivation and finds it hard to concentrate. Generally, they show a lack of effort and can produce rushed and unsatisfactory work. Work is almost always late and they tend to be forgetful and disorganised.