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More able and Talented

How do we provide for MAT pupils? 

  • A More Able and Talented Pupils Co-ordinator has been appointed to lead and monitor the provision.
  • Collaboration with specialist agencies such as NACE.
  • Collaboration with the Vale of Glamorgan’s Seren Hub which offers opportunities to Year 12 pupils.
  • Continuous professional development opportunities for staff who are involved in learning and teaching and ways of stretching pupils.
  • Raising staff awareness of the need to identify more able and talented pupils and provide a challenging curriculum for them.
  • Opportunities to stretch pupils are noted in each department's work plans.
  • A register of more able and talented pupils has been drawn up and distributed to all members of staff in both the primary and secondary.
  • There is a possibility that some pupils can study additional GCSE and A Level subjects, and do so earlier than other pupils in their school year.
  • Completion of university modules e.g. University of Wales Trinity Saint David's Going for Gold Scheme. 
  • Opportunities for more able and talented pupils to work together in specialist workshops such as Writing Squads, BBC News Report, Transitional Primary / Secondary / Workshops, school newspaper, mentoring of primary pupils.
  • Pupils are encouraged to attend clubs, local and national events, competitions and residential courses.
  • Mentoring and pastoral care sessions with their personal tutor.
  • Mentoring and pastoral care with the MAT coordinator for pupils who are recognised as being exceptional in three or more subjects.
  • The formulation of Individual Learning Plans for exceptional pupils.
  • Undertaking assessments, tracking progress and identifying underachievement in accordance with the school's Assessment for Learning Policy.
  • Annual awards ceremonies to celebrate successes.
  • March 2012 - the school won the NACE Challenge Award which recognised our excellent provision for more able and talented pupils. 

How can parents support their child?

  • Discuss with your child every day.
  • Support your child with organisation and time management by making effective use of the homework diary.
  • Encourage your child to try new activities by joining the vast amount of extra-curricular activities that are offered in the school.
  • Enrich your child’s experiences by providing a range of new experiences e.g. visit art galleries, museums and sport centres.
  • Inspire interest by encouraging your child to make use of resources at home e.g. Internet, books, maps, watch programmes and films.
  • Provide opportunities for your child to meet with children who have similar interests such as joining local clubs.
  • Encourage your child, when the opportunity arises, to participate in workshops, master classes and university lectures.
  • Communicate with the school if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Ensure that your child has time to relax, enjoy and has leisure time!