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Pupil Development Grant

Pupil Development Grant (PDG) 2022-23

The PDG allocated to the school is used to support the development and progress of pupils in the following areas:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Wellbeing
  • Attendance

The grant contributes towards the employment of individuals in the areas listed in order to support pupils with the greatest need.  The expenditure is clearly reflected in the School Improvement Plan for 2022-23 as we respond to the constant challenge of raising standards.  The grant is distributed to 3-19 age nurture groups, to various interventions programmes in the primary and secondary sectors, with a particular focus on KS3 pupils in order to secure a full entry to the school curriculum.

For example, grant money has been allocated this year to purchase laptops for Year 7 pupils eFSM.  There will also be a contribution to reduce the financial burden upon the parents/ carers of pupils eFSM in years 5-9 who wish to attend the Welsh language residential course at the Urdd centre in Llangrannog (Year 5 & 7), Pendine (Year 8) or Glan Llyn (Year 6 & 9).

The PDG allows the school to finance specific target groups in order to improve their KS3 performance, to improve their Personalised Assessments results and to ensure a significant improvement in their literacy skills.