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Who should I contact regarding Year 9 options?

Contact Mr Huw Williams through the following email address:

When is the deadline for choosing options?

The five options need to have been selected by January 21st through the online Forms which is on the Year 9 Teams page.

Why does my child have to choose 5 options when they will only be studying 3?

The school aims to form columns which allow as many pupils as possible to choose their favoured subjects.  Occasionally, not all 3 of the choices will be possible therefore we need to ensure that pupils have a 4th and 5th option to transfer.

What if my child changes their mind?

There will always be an opportunity to discuss choices and for your child to be guided towards the right subjects for them.  The options will become more set as time goes an, as columns will become more rigid and subjects will become full.

Where can I find information regarding the MPCT Public Services course?

After changes to the content, we as a school now feel that it isn't the correct course for our pupils to follow.  We have now introduced 'Learning in the Outdoors' as an improved replacement.

What are the core subjects that my child must study?

Mathematics, Welsh, English, Science, and the Welsh Baccalaureate

If you have any further questions please submit via the form below:

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