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We know the past few months have been difficult for learners, with many anxious about loss of learning and not being able to see their friends. That is why we welcome the Education Minister’s plan which will enable the Local Authority and schools to prepare for the safe reopening of the schools that can do so in the first week of September, with all schools to return the following week.

At the outset, we want to share as much information as we can with you to understand the arrangements that will be in place from September.

Schools have already begun work on amending existing plans following yesterday’s announcement.

Planning and preparation days will take place at the start of term to review risk assessment, processes and systems to ensure individual schools can welcome pupils back safely.

While we will need to continue to adapt to a changing landscape, please be assured that all efforts are being concentrated on delivering the best, and safest, learning experiences possible.

Parents can follow their child's progress through downloading the Edulink app or visiting the website



To access their work, pupils need to sign onto the Hwb website using their usual details from lessons when at school.






Most online work in secondary is completed through Office 365.  Students have access through their usual login and password details which they use when at school.