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The basis of effective discipline is a tripartite relationship between pupil, school and parents.

The school’s discipline policy adopts a positive approach aimed at establishing a pattern of self-discipline.

Positive Discipline is about:
  • Pupils’ behaviour

Helping pupils to work hard for success and achievement towards:

  •  Welsh ethos
  •  Attendance
  •  Punctuality
  •  Uniform
  • Homework
  • Class work
We ask for the full co-operation of parents in ensuring that children:
  • Have a high standard of behaviour
  • Strive to do their best
  • Attend regularly
  • Are punctual
  • Wear the correct uniform
  • Do their homework

It also involves ensuring that parents:

  • Sign the Homework diary weekly (Secondary School only)
  • Attend parents’ meetings to discuss their children’s work