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Additional Learning Needs at Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg

By responding flexibly to the individual needs of our learners we are able to reduce barriers to learning and ensure that every pupil has access to an education that meets their needs. Inclusion is central to every department within the school. Usually, learners’ needs are met in mainstream classes with the support of subject teachers. Sometimes additional or different support from a Learning Support Assistant or from an intervention programme may be required. All of our pupils are supported by our school pastoral systems.

The Learning Support Department and Wellbeing Centre help many learners during their time at Bro Morgannwg. This support takes different forms and may be focussed on literacy, numeracy or indeed, developing emotional intelligence or social skills.


The Primary Phase

Ensuring that every pupil reaches their full potential is a priority for us. The wellbeing of every pupil is key if they are to develop into principled and confident young people. If we value the contribution of every member of staff and pupil in our aim to be truly inclusive, it is vital that we “Share our similarities and celebrate our differences.” All pupils are supported with their learning and sometimes, when an intervention is required, this does not necessarily mean that a pupil has Additional Learning Needs (ALN). If the class teacher and Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator (ALNCo) feel that ALN may be present, this will always be discussed with the parents/carers in order to plan the next steps.


Transition Arrangements

In addition to the planned transition opportunities available to all our learners, some pupils may require additional support when transitioning to Secondary education. The close working relationships between the ALNCos in our feeder primary schools and the ALNCo in the Secondary school, ensures that information about learners with ALN is shared and that any additional transition arrangements are addressed early.

Usually, staff from the Leaning Support Department and the Wellbeing Centre will:

  • Be aware of which learners have ALN before they start with us in Year 7
  • Have collated information from primary schools of any support needs and shared this information with secondary school staff.

Learners who have ALN and need specialist Careers Advice, are supported by Careers Wales at key points during their time in school, usually during Years 9 and 11.


One Page Profiles

Many of our pupils will have a One Page Profile which is put together using Person Centred Practices and are shared with teachers. These profiles give staff information about:

  • The pupil’s strengths and interests
  • Any barriers to learning which may be present
  • Strategies to support learning
  • Access arrangements for tests and exams (when needed)

If it’s felt your child would benefit from having a One Page Profile, you will be asked to contributes your views and ideas under the above headings.


Changes to the system which supports learners with ALN

The Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act 2018 aims to transform the way pupils with ALN are identified and supported in schools. These changes will happen gradually over the coming years.

The terms Additional Learning Needs (ALN) is replacing the term Special Educational needs (SEN) and it is possible your child may have been identified as having SEN under the old system but may not necessarily be identified as having ALN under the new system. This should not affect the provision your child receives in school.

Further information about these changes can be found at:


If you are a parent/carer of a pupil who has ALN, or if you require any further advice, you are welcome to contact the ALNCo.

Primary ALNCo: Mr. Marc Bowen

Secondary ALNCo: Mrs. Bethan Williams