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In Key Stage 2 we aim to provide a welcoming and safe environment for children where all pupils are included and valued. We spend time to establish good working relationships with pupils, parents, staff, governors and the community. We celebrate the efforts, achievements and talents of individuals while also developing aspects of self-esteem and self-confidence in individuals so that they can experiment and research to learn new things. We aim to develop learners who are Welsh speakers and citizens who take pride in their language, culture and traditions.

We have four classes in KS2: Onnen (Year 3), Helygen (Year 4), Ywen (Year 5) and Derwen (Year 6). Classes are taught by energetic, enthusiastic and caring teachers in spacious classrooms which have modern facilities. Our morning lessons focus on language and numeracy elements, with our afternoon lessons providing opportunities for learners to build on previous skills and experiment with new areas of learning and experience. Elements of the studies will focus on project work that encourages our learners to think and develop their enterprising skills. We aim to inspire learners to be creative, ambitious and capable learners who are also ethical, informed pupils. We strive for our pupils to also be healthy and confident. We develop the skills of the literacy, numeracy and digital frameworks cross-curricularly and within our lessons on the areas of learning and experience which are:

-Language, Literacy and Communication

-Mathematics and Numeracy

-Expressive Arts

-Science and Technology


-Health and Well-being


Well-being sessions are held on a weekly basis in Key Stage 2 with teachers providing sessions that allow learners to talk about current feelings and topics, develop various social skills and understand how to respect everyone and everything. We act according to the saying 'Accepting our similarities and celebrating our differences'. In addition to well-being sessions, learners receive two P.E sessions weekly with the great facilities that we have.


The pupil's voice is at the centre of what is presented in lessons. The lessons will be broad, balanced and differentiated to cater for learners at different stages of development. The activities will stimulate and challenge learners' potential. As part of their studies on various themes and topics, learners will have the opportunity to go on educational visits in order to broaden learners' horizons and to enhance their educational, personal, moral and social development as well as develop their understanding and appreciation of their immediate surroundings and community.


Key Stage 2 teachers will also take time to prepare pupils for their next chapter in the Secondary. During their final year in primary school a number of transition activities will be arranged for year 6 as well as activities for years 4 and 5. There will be a variety of projects running between Primary and Secondary, for example: reading projects, Mathematics workshops and Science lessons to name but a few. These experiences will all lay a solid foundation for what lies ahead of them in the Secondary.


At Key Stage 2 learners will have opportunities to be part of various primary councils. These councils will share ideas and raise important issues to ensure that the school is a happy and pleasant place for all. They can be nominated to be part of: The Primary's Cabinet, the Eco Council, The Language Charter and the Digital Wizards. These councils give learners the opportunity to develop their public speaking, communication, collaboration and leadership skills.


In the department, we build and develop what has already been taught to learners in the Foundation Phase while also preparing them for future educational and personal pathways.