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Returning to the school to study in the Sixth Form is voluntary. Being a member of the Sixth Form is a privilege. Therefore, students must adhere to the school rules like every other pupil, and lead by example.

All members of the Sixth Form must provide an example to the rest of the school in terms of:

  • Conduct
  • School uniform (see school uniform policy)
  • Attitude to work
  • Foster an awareness of community values


1. All pupils must use the Welsh language as the medium of communication.

2. The school demands regular attendance. Pupils must be in attendance every day, all day, even when they do not have a full timetable.

3. If there is an absence due to illness, the school must be informed (via phone call) before 8.40am.

4. All pupils must attend a registration period at 8.30am. Late arrivals at the school will not be tolerated. All pupils must register with their tutors in the morning and with either a subject teacher or in the cafe in the afternoon. If a pupil is absent, a text message will be sent home.

5. If a pupil's attendance is less than 88%, the school has a right to reconsider that pupil's suitability for the Sixth Form. The school considers that it is impossible for pupils to gain full access to the curriculum if their presence is less than 88%.

6. The school has a right to refuse to register a pupil to sit external examinations if that pupil has not attended a sufficient amount of lessons.

7. Members of the Sixth Form are not permitted to be absent from school to attend driving lessons or to deal with similar personal matters. Such absences will be considered as absence without permission.

9. All pupils are expected to arrive at lessons promptly.

10. Study periods must be used sensibly. Those lessons are provided because of the workload involved in Sixth Form courses. The time must be used sensibly to complete coursework, presentations and prepare for examinations and modules. During these lessons, pupils should be working in the Sixth Form Library, and respecting the rights of others to work hard.

11. Students are permitted to use the Sixth Form Cafe/Canteen to relax during study periods as long as the room and furniture are respected. Mature conduct is expected of the Sixth Form members at all times.

12. Students need to comply with this agreement and ensure satisfactory academic results in year 12 to continue to year 13.

13. School policy does not allow pupils to return to the previous year. Any request to do this will be discussed by the SMT and Senior Head of KS5 having considered the application in full.