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Welcome to the sixth form pages!

One of the most active and vibrant of our school communities is the sixth form. 

There are a wide range of different subjects available to study at YGBM each led by supportive teachers who are passionate about our pupils reaching their highest possible attainment.

Our sixthformers are always busy and help to run clubs and events; mentor younger pupils; organise and plan community and fundraising days.

We are also looking forward to present the new sixth for area which includes a lounge, study space and library which will enable them to work and relax in the best atmosphere possible.

“Put your hand in mine and we will go to the mountain top”

By co-operating and trusting in each other we aim to ensure that each pupil reaches the summit of their ability and talents. We shall do so by offering opportunity, support and guidance within a positive, safe and civilized society.

Mr Owain Rowlands and Mrs Bethan Morgan

"We are very proud of our Sixth Form at Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg and the excellent achievements of our students."

You will no doubt be aware that ‘Give me your hand and we shall go to the mountain top’ is the school motto. We believe that this motto reflects the ethos of our Sixth Form. The seed of this ambitious ethos is planted as pupils join us in Year 7. Our aim is to further embed this in the Sixth Form, as our students reach the end of their journey with us, all through the medium of Welsh. A sense of belonging within the school continues in the Sixth Form through our understanding of every pupil. This relationship enables us to advise our students in the process of transition to the Sixth Form and then to support them by offering exceptional pastoral care throughout the two years. The wellbeing of each student is a priority for us as we take the step together to this new, exciting period. Each pupil will receive daily guidance from an experienced Personal Tutor who is also part of a wider team of support. As Heads of Sixth Form, we take pride in the effective and consistent communication between school and home, which is crucial in order to provide for the wellbeing and academic progress of each pupil in our care.

A wide range of courses is offered in the Sixth Form so that our provision is tailored to each member of our school community. We are confident that we offer a broad curriculum, and that each student is enabled to reach the end of their journey, be that employment, apprenticeships or university. Our transition programme for the Sixth Form ensures that all pupils in Year 11 will have planned their own personal journey for the future.

We are very proud of the support provided by current members of the Sixth Form, and their voices provide a valuable link for Year 11 as they make the transition.

We expect all students to maintain high standards of respect within the Welsh culture and to show the willingness to succeed in their studies. To be part of the Sixth Form community is a privilege and an opportunity to be a role model for the school community. Our students develop to be healthy confident individuals who play a key part in secondary and primary school life. Each pupil benefits extensively from the broad range of activities provided and the experiences they enjoy as an older member of the school community.

The Sixth Form committees offer an excellent opportunity to lead, to work with others and to enjoy playing a part in promoting elements of Welsh culture and equality, enabling smooth transition, raising money for charities and raising awareness of ecological concerns. In addition, younger pupils benefit from the support of our Literacy Mentors, Mathematics Mentors, Wellbeing Mentors, Trip volunteers and many more voluntary roles. Sixth Form students carry out their voluntary work in their hour that is allotted to them on their timetables. All activities reflect the ethos of respect that pervades the Sixth Form.

These values and practices are strengthened by our Sixth Form Contract which ensures the highest standards. Respect, punctuality and willingness are key aspects of the success of every student in the 6th Form and have been at every step of the journey. We aim for the mountain top, by leading and supporting others on their journey, to face the challenges and opportunities of the future with confidence and independence.




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